Before I start, some of my posts are NSFW so ye be warned.I'm a VCU theater BA and Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies BA graduate. This is a blog for anything and everything I find nerdy, awesome, and/or fandomtastic.If you want to get to know me better, private message me for my facebook.I am Mickey Winchester of House Hunter, Rider of Impalas and Slayer of those that will never be seen by Man, Hunter of Gods old and new, Theif of the realm TARDIS, and Mage of Light from the Land of Suns and Clockwork. Ours is the Carrier of Wayward Sons.


Fuck off Tim

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"[I was never programmed to feel shame, yet here we are.]"

I do a lot of Behind-the-GIFs, and you can see them on my website.

Other people do them a lot, too. 

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That’s how you recover a fail folks

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"the essence of beauty brings man and woman together"

those are cute ♡

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searching something up when everyone says dont do it image

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